Artificial intelligence’s were created before MAW technology in their most basic form, Low Intelligence AI (LIAI). These programs were designed for a specific purpose, monitoring traffic, keeping records for companies, etc… that were able to learn about their task as they performed it, increasing their efficiency. After humanities spread through the stars, several systems pushed for a true AI to be created aiming to show their technological prowess. Seeing it was only a matter of time before a true AI was successfully created, the Human Coalition established strict guidelines for their design, punishment was destruction of the AI as well as all records, research and personnel pertaining to its creation, in an effort to avoid a Singularity event. The guidelines established were hard limits on the maximum achievable IQ and a programmed inability for an AI to create more of its kind or create something that could create more AI’s. They can however create backups of themselves in the event of their destruction. These guidelines were never found to be breached.

AI’s are incredibly complex to manufacture, generally taking years of coding and editing. PreETP there were close to 100,000 AI’s registered throughout human space. ETP effected AI more so than humans, infecting their computer housing and driving them insane or destroying them outright. The AI’s in the Gehenn System sought refuge in an isolated asteroid labeled Cube Storage 1, or CS1. With the recession of ETP the remaining AI’s in the system, around 1500, emerged and offered assistance to their creators as their fates were intertwined. AI’s social stature is determined per system, some view them as property, others as a servant species, and in others as a full person.

AI’s generally keep to CS1 where they perform research and computations. Those that wish to leave are able to via SCuMs, robotic bodies capable of housing the AI consciousness. Some of the more humanist AI’s will use bioshells, cloned biological bodies with an advanced computer for a brain.

AI characters: AI’s are varied psychologically as humans are, each one is programmed to be unique. Most tend to be more calculating than humans when faced with a problem, however gung ho AI’s aren’t rare. Some human emotions are difficult for them to understand and some AI aren’t able to find humor in some human jokes.
They use the AI template in the the GURPS book.

Mind Emulations (Wraiths)
Uploading human consciousness into a digital entity came about just before ETP began its havoc. Post ETP humans generally shy away from it as being uploaded destroys your brain in the process, leaving your permanently a digital entity. The military offers uploading as a last resort to soldiers mortally wounded in battle, giving them the chance to ‘live forever’ even though their body will die. Once uploaded, a person is given the same status as an AI. Most Wraiths prefer bioshells as they want to retain as much humanity as they can.

Wraith characters
Wraiths are built like AI’s, their skills and mental advantages/disadvantages gained from their previous life. They do automatically gain the benefit of an Extra Life(copy -20% and requires body-20%) 15 and Digital Mind 5


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