The Pherynx are a highly unusual species who inhabits the Troita system. Their bodies consist of a large ball set on 4 legs with four arms sprouting from its torso, they are around 5 feet tall. All major organs, including an incredibly efficient digestive and several highly specialized converter organs, are housed in its torso with several stalks appearing on the top equipped with eyes and smell/hearing receptors. The Pherynx’s special organs make them truly unique in the galaxy, these organs are able to process raw materials and use them to mutate the Pherynx based on its needs. This can form everything from armor/weapons, to digging equipment to changings it pigment, all the Pherynx needs is appropriate materials and time to digest/create. When the mutation is no longer needed, the Pherynx molts it off and reverts back to its original form. This ability seems to be limited in certain ways mainly in size and complexity of what it wants to make.

Pherynx society is built around the Sea of Life, a massive sea spanning the Pherynx homeplanet’s, Ghoan, single massive continent. TheSea of Life is the center of Pherynx politics and religion. From it, all Pherynx are literally created (something they share nothing about), and when one dies, its remains must be returned to be absorbed into it. Pherynx ‘politicians’ are little more than the rest of their species except they have mutated special organs to be able to ‘speak’ with the sea, and thus pass down its wishes to the masses. Almost all Pherynx adhere to the strict code set by their society that in essence states that all must be done to preserve the Sea of Life. They have been starbound for nearly 150 years, and have thus far only colonized two other planets in the same amount of systems, largely in part that each colony requires a new Sea of Life which is a painstaking task of moving large parts of the one on Ghoan to each new colony spot.

Something else that makes the Pherynx unique is that they are completely biological. Everything from houses, computers, weapons and armor, everything is biological. They grow and create everything they need or use either themselves, or in massive biofactories which are able to break down raw components and assemble a living construct that performs the functions needed. When offered non-biological tools or equipment, a Pherynx will just toss it aside and say its not needed.

The Pherynx are allied with humanity and the Yar in their war with the Fractals as they see them a threat to the Sea of Life. An average Pherynx tends to be very group minded and a hard worker, often times not able to understand human jokes or sarcasm, they are pleasent to talk to. Not many have ventured outside their colonies aside from soldiers, while they fit into human worlds fairly well, they just feel, and look, out of place which they don’t much care for. Pherynx soldiers are highly sought by military brass, their high mutability makes them excellent in a large variety of roles, able to change what they are and most of their functions to adapt to almost any situation.

Pherynx Template
60 Points
HT 1 10 FP2 6
Abidexterity5; 2 extra arms20; 2 extra legs10; immune to disease and poison10; universal digestion5; Regrowth 40
Hideous[-16]; Clueless[-10]; chummy[-5]; sense of duty-Sea of Life and Pherynx[-15]

Pherynx are unable to use any equipment


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