Public Union Groups, or PUGs, are essentialy political and corporate powers that rose into power during the Gehenn Systems resurgence from the after effects of ETP. As the citizens of the system began to unite and form the Triumvirate, groups of like minded people and companies began to communicate ideas, support each other and push ideas and beliefs they held in high regard upon others. As more and more of the populace supported the various groups they grew more powerful and were able to push their candidates into government positions.

Most PUGs are governed by an internal body that seeks to further its groups goals based on its supporters opinions. These goals and opinions are communicated with seated politicians who support the PUG in hopes to pass/veto laws and regulations that will help peoples and companies that support the PUG.

As they’re power grew, PUGs became bolder and harsher in their dealings. Rumors abound of assasinations, thefts and even wars fought in the shadows between PUGs over resources, personnel or laws.

As new systems are added into conclave, PUG representatives are sent to gain favor and spread their influence.

List of PUGS

Transcendists – Believe wholly that humanity’s salvation is through enhancing themselves, biological or technological, in order to forcefully evolve the race.

Sextet – Religous zealots who believe humanity can only be saved by The Six and gaining their deific favor and graces.

Humanists – Firmly believe that humanity’s ‘artificial evolution’ is responsible for the ETP outbreak and probably the Fractals incursion. Humanity should evolve on its own and ‘upgrades’ should only be used as ‘replacements’ when absolutely necessary.

Wise Men – Believe that humanity will perish unless it seeks knowledge. This could be anything from learning new technologies, perfecting old ones to finding obscure knowledge. Only by learning will humanity overcome its struggles.

Homeboys – Homeboys ‘realize’ that the Gehenn System is in a great position having overcome ETP, no Fractals, strong trade and a strong military. They work to benefit only the Gehenn System, even if its at the expense of another system.

Xenophobes – Hate all xenospecies. They believe humanity is better off without them and should never ally or help them and probably should kill them all.
List of rumored or off the book PUGS

Naturists – Eco-terror group that decrees ETP and the Fractals is punishment for humanities spread through stars and rape of its resources. They believe humanity should revert to a docile and pastoral life.

Illuminatus – Rumored to be a secret PUG that governs humanity above the Triumvirate and Conclave. The stuff of conspiracy theorists from the dawn of time.

Fallen – Think that The Six abandoned humanity and seek to free the human race from their bondage to the religion.


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