Will of Unification

The Will of Unification is the doctrine that humanity from the Gehenn System took up with the formation of the Triumvirate. It states that humanity must be reunited, for together they will have the strength to fight the Fractals and eradicate ETP.

The document gives leave to those who explore systems to do what it takes to persuade human planets to join as well as ‘general methods on persuasiveness’. Humanity takes the Will of Unification very seriously and the majority would not hesitate or think twice to resort to blackmail, violence and other duplicitious means to force another human planet to join them.

The Will of Unification also sets guidelines for keeping the military going. All of humanity that accepts the Will of Unification must meet strict quotas in supplying the military with resources and personnel.

The last sections of the Will of Unification revert to more a religious text, describing rituals to beseech The Six for aid and wisdom as well as describing celebrations and rituals associated with the joy of adding more of humanity back into the flock.

“Fear denies faith. The faithful shall prevail.”

Will of Unification

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