Campaign Rules

Rule Changes and Additions
Perception and Will are now seperate from IQ, they start at 10 and can be increased by 1 per 5 character points spend.

Max stats are 4 more than your race starts with. Body modifications can make this a further + 3. Activated ability enhancements may add a further 3.

New Skill: Roil Channeling (WIll based Very Hard) – This skill is used anytime a character wishes to use a roil ability. Critical Success means the ability works as intended without using fatigue; success means it works as intended; failure means the ability doesn’t work and costs fatigue; critical failure means something spectacularly bad happens

Activated abilities (cybernetic, bioaugment, roil powered) abilities cost fatigue and last 30 seconds. Fatigue modifiers are -10% per 1 fp spent on the power.

Cybernetic enhancements use a -30% modifier (this is for electrical and maintenance)

Bodies for AI and Wraiths will automatically gain the Maintenence (1 person and weekly) [-5] and the Machine Metatrait 25 and Restricted Diet(common) [-20]. Bioshells will use the rules from Ultra Tech book

Biaugs have no inherent modifiers but require your character to have unusual biochemistry(reflecting changes to your dna and bodies systems)

Roil Powers – Are built with at least the following limitations: Requires ready or concentration action [-10% or 15%]; costs fatigue [-10% per fp]; perils of the roil [-5%]

Favor of the Six
As hero’s, the Six have a special interest in your characters. Everyone starts with one Favor, this allows for a reroll (players or gms) at the players wish, or a miraculous save from death/injury. Once spent, a Favor will not replenish until the next game or by gm approval. The only way to increase the amount of Favors is by random roll at character generation or by gm gift

Campaign Rules

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