Character Creation

Character creation starts with choosing a race. Human, AI (includes mind emulations), Yar, Pherynx or Uplifts. Each race has a separate amount of points to spend, then another pool for any body modifications. Once a character is complete they will get rolls determined by their race for past duties in the military and/or life experience.

175 points for base character. 125 points for body modifications. 3 rolls for past service and 3 rolls for life experiences.

AI and Wraiths
100 points to spend, this includes buying the template. Only mental advantages/disadvantages may be purchased, all skills may be purchased. 300 points may be spent buying a robotic body, this is the body you generally inhabit. Other owned bodies must be purchased using the original 100 as an ally with the Fairly Often frequency of appearance. 3 rolls for past service. Wraiths get 1 roll for life experience.

175 points for character creation including buying the template. 125 for body modifications, Yar may not buy cybernetic enhancements, only biological. 3 rolls for previous service. 2 rolls on Yar experience chart.

150 for character creation. 300 mutable points between missions. May not purchase any skills relating to technology and its use. May not use equipment. 3 rolls on the Pherynx service chart.

175 for character creation, must buy the template. 125 for body modification. 3 rolls for past experience and 3 on the life experience chart.

Character Creation

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