The Yar are a xenospecies that was encountered by explorers shortly after the Will of Unification. Relatively benign, the Yar are an old and mystic race with a very unusual history. According the the Yar their home system is incredibly far away, possibly in a different galaxy. Their star began to die during their inital push outward into their home system forcing them to leave. Enormous ark ships were created, housing millions of Yar, and then fitted with an experimental version of the MAW drive and sent every which way into the galaxy in hopes to seed many worlds and continue the existence of the species. The ark ships Aruit(Yar for Adventure) and Pokoso(Yar for Legacy) entered the Roil together and were promptly stricken with equipment failure. Slowly the drifted apart, each ship plagued with a variety of issues due to experimental equipment, being hastily constructed and being assaulted by entitities who live in the Roil. Eventually the two ships lost track of each other and were on their own.

When all seemed lost an entity the Yar refer to as the Masquerader appeared to the Yar of the Aruit. It told them it was a powerful deity that would help them and pointed them in the direction of an alien ship that had become mired in the Roil with all hands lost. The Yar were able to cannibilize parts and equipment from this ship to paritally repair theirs and continue through the Roil. The Aruit drifted through the Roil, if the Yar are to be believed, for close to 500 years, with the Masquerader appearing on occasion, every time looking completely different, and directing them towards something to help them and warning them of the Dark Star, an evil entity who resides in the Roil and was responsible for the attacks on their ship.

Eventually the crew was able to find parts they needed to repair and modify their MAW drive and leave the Roil. The ship would spend the next few years searching for a planet that could accomodate their species, eventually finding the planet they named Giro(Yar for Finally) in the Phoenix System. When they met humanity they had only been in system for around 100 years and had colonized not just the planet, but two others and several moons in the system.

Happy to find another, relatively, benign race the Yar were quick to agree to diplomatic relations as well as trade and sharing, some, information and they hold a permanent seat at Conclave. After learning of the Fractals from humanity, the Yar agreed to join their fight against them, viewing the Fractals as another manifistation of Dark Stars minions. Their military presence is fairly minimal as most Yar are needed in the Pheonix System as the race is still growing and stabilizing there.

Yar are bipedal and are generally around 6 foot in height. Their head is a sort of inverted pear shape, a long skinny face and bulbous on the back. They have three eyes, slits for a nose and mouth that is surrounded by a mass of small tentacles. They are incredibly thin compared to humans with long multiple jointed arms capable of great flexibility and 4 long fingers that resemble multiple jointed tentacles. Their skin is rubbery and moist and ranges in color from blue to purple. They are also partially an aquatic race, needing to spend a few hours a day submerged in water or in a high humidity environment. They are generally seen in encounter suits that provide the environment they require as well as providing protection and various other duties of powered armors. Yar technology is on par with humanities with mild diversions as well as an abhorrence or cybernetics. While tolerant of humanities use of cybernetics, a Yar will never let one be attached forcing the use of bioupgrades and biological replacements.

Their society is heavily based on mysticism and the constant battle between the Masquerader and the Dark Star. They are governed by a religious council of 7 elders, chosen by the population, generally the most pious are elected as they interpret the stories of the Masquerader and Dark Star in order to make laws.. With their deep connection to the Roil Yar are uncanny when it comes to channeling it. Every Yar has at least a minor ability to tap the Roils energy and the religious leaders are exponentially more powerful than even the greatest human channelers.

Yar Template
36 points

Str -1 [-10] HT -1[-10] DX +120
Wil +15 Basic Speed +1 20
Amphibious10, Breath Holding2, Detect Roil[
Chummy{-5], Dependency(Moisture)[-15], Unusual Biochemistry[-5]
Freefall(3 points) DX; Swimming(3 points) DX +1; Religion-Yar(1 point) IQ -2; Roil Channeling(2 points) Will – 2

Yar Equipment
Yar armor is similar to humans in function with the exception of continuously providing moisture to the body and Yar basic equipment is functionally the same as humanities, they may use lists from the UltraTech book.

Pulse Pistol / 3d(4) brn, sur / 4 / 300,900 / 2,c / 5 / 30(3) / 5 / -2 / 1
Pulse Rifle / 4d+1(4)brn,sur / 8+1 / 700,1200 / 10,c / 5 / 15(3) / 8 / -4 / 1
Sniper Rifle / 6d(4)brn,sur / 10+2 / 1000,2100 / 10.c / 2 / 10(3) / 8 / -4 / 1
Lightning Gun / 4d(5)brn,sur / 8 / 150,250 / 8/c / 1 / 4(3) / 8 / -3 /
Robotic enemies ht – 3 or stunned for 1+margin of failure; has a 33% chance to branch


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