Bulwark is the name of a specialized type of nanomachines that help defend someone against ETP. It was created by an AI named Frig in the Gehenn system. Bulwark nanomachines are specifically designed to monitor for and defend against ETP nanomachines. While Bulwark greatly increases resistance to ETP it is not infallable, once a body reaches a certain saturation of ETP, Bulwark will become overwhelmed and standard ETP infection will progress. Bulwark has the ability to replicate as needed, using materials found in its host, and as long as the ETP has not gotten to the overwhelming point, Bulwark will slowly destroy ETP nanomachines throughout its host.

The discovery of ETP and its production into an injectible solution have given the Triumvirate a mighty tool in their quest to reunite humanity, who can say no to something that will grant protection against the worst plague ever seen?

While not proven, it is theorized that the Fractals have their own version of Bulwark. It has been noted that they seem to fall prey to ETP at a much smaller rate than was seen during the original outbreak.

Using highly concentrated Bulwark injections and hyper advanced medical machines it is possible to completely remove all ETP from a body, this process however takes five to seven days depending on the infection, and it is still impossible to reclaim someone after ETP has mutated them.


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