The Extreme Transformative Plague is responsible for countless deaths as well as Abbadon’s Cry. ETP’s origin is currently unknown and researchers argue on three current theories, it was man made, it was made by the Fractals or it was made by another xenospecies.

ETP is a nanovirus, which means it is spread by nanomachines. Upon entering the body, ETP nanomachines use their hosts matter to multiply. Upon reaching critical mass, ETP begins to warp and mutate the host into something barely recognizable and malign. AI’s have been known to become insane, catatonic, or destroy themselves when exposed. The new organism is generally murderous in intent and gifted a variety of instruments to kill or help spread ETP.

ETP started only affecting living organisms that had cybernetic parts, this includes Fractals as most have some sort of cybernetic enhancement, and also Sentient Capable Machines (SCuM). Eventually ETP mutated and began using its nanomachines to infiltrate all humans, Fractals and even some biological organisms with higher brain function.

Once the infections started, they spread like wildfire throughout space. Ships not knowing they carried infected, carried the plague to just about every colonized system where it began to infect the local populace. This caused a catastrophic breakdown of human leadership and communication and after Abbadon’s Cry, almost eliminated the human species, leaving small pockets of uninfected.

ETP mutated beings were able to be killed only by near complete destruction of the host. The nanomachines themselves are only able to function for around three days outside of a host. With the creation of Bulwark, humans, SCuMs and uplifts were able to resist the plague unless exposed to vast amounts of it.

ETP is highly mutable and able to create different strains of itself which makes it incredibly dangerous despite Bulwark. Each infected area may exhibit different mutations and different behaviors by those infected. The only thing every infection site has in common is that the plague seeks to thrive and spread.


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