Materialized Actual Wormhole technology creates a wormhole between two points in space. Original units were made as permanent fixtures on Earth, taking the place of airlines and boats to move people from place to place. Following the Strange Year and the events leading up to it Mimir scientists learned a lot about MAW and were able to make upgrades and develop new techniques to better use it. The most important things learned during this time were:

1. The space someone or something travels through MAW points is called the Roil, a vast plane of energy and beings who want to get out.

2. MAW is greatly affected by gravity wells, namely gravity wells can affect the output point of a MAW. Thus, as per standard system entry procedures SSEP, most MAWs are opened outside of a systems Oort cloud, allowing the ship/s an accurate exit just outside the system.

3. Massive amounts of energy are needed to generate a MAW capable of traversing large parts of space. So much energy is needed in fact, a normal ship will need days in order to recharge and be fully functional again following it’s creation of a MAW. This would become another part of SSEP, as exiting a MAW outside the Oort cloud generally means a week or so travel time from the exit point to the interior of the new system.

4. Open MAWs attract the denizens of the Roil. As seen during the Strange Year, open MAWs allow entities in the Roil access to the material world, and most of these entities are not benevolent.

Following the Strange Year, permanent MAWs were disbanded, as were all planet based MAWs. During the Dissemination, if a colonized planet was found to have an important or rare resources it was able to petition a permanent MAW to be established just outside it’s system in order to facilitate quick and easy trade, and being outside the system proper would make it so any Roil denizens that appeared through it would have no way of getting to the planet. Only a few of these were ever created and all of them destroyed during Abbadon’s Cry.

MAW technology was all but lost during Abbadon’s Cry until the Triumverate found the abandoned starship named Yuri’s Jaunt. Somehow Yuri’s Jaunt had escaped the effects of ETP as well as Abbadon’s Cry and retained its MAW drive in pristine working order and the Triumvirate was able to retroengineer it and create MAW drives of their own.


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